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    ,   www.prensasesna.com   ,   www.aitor.es   , www.aitor.eu , www.esna.eu , www.esnapresses.com y www.prensasusadas.com and his data base.
ESNA   Maquinaria   Industrial   SA   is   committed   to   protecting   and   respecting   the   privacy   of   any   user   of   the   web   pages   of   ESNA.   These   websites   belong   to   or   are   managed   by ESNA.   All   the   information   provided   through   these   websites   will   be   stored   in   a   database   maintained   by   ESNA   Maquinaria   Industrial   SA.   The   data   processing   has   been registered in the AEPD.
This policy
                                                                                                   ( with   our Terms   of   Use)                                                                                                                                                         and   any   other   document   referred   to   in   them)   defines   (the   type   of)   the   information   collected   about you   or   that   you   provide   to   us,   the   objectives   for   which   it   is   used,   the   way   in   which   it   is   managed,   the   people   with   whom   is   shared   and   the   options   you   have   about   the   use   of your information.
1.-Personal information we collect
We may collect and process the following information about you:
Personal   data   entered   in   forms   of   any   ESNA   website   including   the   information   provided   at   the   time   of   registration   to   use   the   website,   subscribe   to   the   service,   publish material   or   request   other   services.   This   information   includes   contact   information   (such   as   your   email   address   or   phone   number),   information   about   your   job   or   company (name of the company, position or division) and IP address.
Information   provided   by   keeping   a   record   of   communications   maintained   with   you.   This   information   includes   contact   information,   such   as   your   email   address   and   your telephone number.
Information   provided   when   conducting   our   surveys   for   research   purposes.   This   information   includes   contact   information,   such   as   your   email   address   and   your   telephone number.
Data   of   your   visits   to   the   website   and   the   resources   you   access.   This   information   includes   data   collected   through   cookies,   such   as   your   IP   address,   operating   system   and browser type, for system administration.
2.-Objectives for which we process your personal data
We use your personal data with these objectives:
-   To   provide   you   with   information,   products   or   services   that   you   request   or   that   we   believe   may   be   of   interest   to   you,   provided   that   you   have   confirmed   that   you   want   us   to contact you for those assumptions or have not deactivated this option.
- - To carry out the obligations that derive from the contracts established between you ESNA.
-To notify you of changes in our service
3. Cookies
The   website   uses   cookies   to   distinguish   it   from   other   users.   A   cookie   is   a   small   file   that   is   sent   with   the   pages   of   the   website   and   stored   in   your   web   browser   on   your computer's hard drive. If a cookie is stored, the information contained can be sent back to our servers on your next visit to the website
The only use of these cookies is to keep a statistics of visited pages and visualizations of them.
Buttons for social networks
The   website   includes   buttons   to   spread   ("like")   or   share   ("publish   on   twitter")   websites   on   social   networks. These   buttons   work   by   programming   code   of   such   social   networks. If   these   buttons   are   used,   cookies   will   be   stored   on   your   computer.   It   is   a   procedure   that   is   not   under   our   control.   Read   the   privacy   statement   of   these   social   networks,   which are updated frequently, to know the way in which the data received through these cookies is processed.
4. Safety
We   have   implemented   the   appropriate   organizational   and   technical   measures   to   protect   your   personal   data   from   any   accidental   or   illegal   destruction,   accidental   loss, alteration, unauthorized access or disclosure or any other type of illegal processing
Unfortunately,   the   transmission   of   information   through   the   Internet   is   not   completely   secure. Although   we   will   do   everything   possible   to   protect   your   personal   data,   we   can   not guarantee   the   security   of   the   data   transmitted   to   the   website,   so   all   transmissions   are   made   at   your   own   risk.   Once   your   information   is   received,   we   will   apply   the   strict security procedures and functions previously mentioned to avoid unauthorized access.
5. Disclosure of your information
Your   personal   data   will   not   be   disclosed   outside   of   ESNA   Maquinaria   Industrial   SA   for   the   purpose   of   sending   promotional   information   about   our   products   or   services.   We may   disclose   your   personal   information   to   collaborating   companies   of   our   company   that   must   provide   a   service   that   you   have   requested   and   our   company   has   subcontracted to it.
In   addition,   we   may   disclose   your   personal   information   to   third parties
- If the disclosure is due to legal reasons.
6. Data storage period
Your personal data will be stored only for the time necessary to fulfill the objectives for which the data has been collected, unless otherwise specified by law
7. Your rights
If   you   want   to   know,   correct   and   extend,   delete   or   block   personal   data,   including   data   collected   through   the   use   of   cookies,   that   ESNA   has   about   you,   register   an   objection related   to   your   particular   personal   circumstances   or   cancel   your   subscription   to   any   distribution   list   of   ESNA,   contact   us   by   email   or   post   using   the   contact   information   that appears   at   the   bottom   of   this   privacy   policy   and   use   of   cookies.   If   you   request   access   to   personal   data   linked   to   a   cookie,   you   must   send   us   a   copy   of   the   corresponding cookie, which you can access through the configuration options of your web browser.
ESNA   will   make   a   reasonable   effort   to   give   an   appropriate   response   to   your   request   or   objection,   or   to   inform   you   if   it   is   relevant   and,   if   so,   to   what   extent,   within   4   weeks   of receipt of such request or objection. To avoid fraudulent uses we will ask you to identify yourself correctly.
8. Third part websites
The   website   may,   from   time   to   time,   contain   links   to   and   from   the   websites   of   collaborators   or   third   parties.   If   you   visit   a   link   to   any   of   these   websites,   you   should   bear   in   mind that   each   one   has   its   own   privacy   policies   and   that   we   decline   any   type   of   responsibility   with   respect   to   these   policies.   Check   these   policies   before   sending   any   personal information to these websites.
9. Changes in our privacy policy and cookies
ESNA   can   revise   this   privacy   policy   and   cookies   at   any   time   of   its   choice   and   without   prior   notice,   simply   by   updating   this   section.   You   must   visit   the   website   on   a   regular basis   to   consult   the   current   policy   on   privacy   and   cookies.   Certain   sections   of   this   privacy   policy   and   cookies   may   be   voided   by   expressly   designated   legal   notices   or   by   the terms located on certain pages of the website.
10. Contact
If   you   have   any   questions,   comments   or   requests   related   to   this   privacy   and   cookies   policy,   please   send   an   email   to   esnasa@fer.es   or   write   us   by   postal   mail   to:   ESNA Maquinaria Industrial SA, Avda. Del Ebro 44, 26509 Agoncillo (La Rioja).
In compliance with the Data Protection Regulation (GPRD)
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