Since 1997, the machines must meet minimum safety requirements that are governed by RD125 / 97. This decree, which is mandatory, refers in a special way to the presses and other machines considered as especially dangerous (shears, hydraulic presses ...) Therefore we put ourselves at the disposal of our clients to elaborate a risk analysis to identify  them  and  the necessary  measures to eliminate or minimize these risks. Once  done, we  can  also implement  these measures and that are valued by the security service of the company itself or by an independent body.
The  correct  assessment  of  risks  and  the  implementation  of  safety measures  is essential to  reduce the possibility of accidents and minimize costs derivatives of these (criminal and civil liability claims, administrative sanctions, compensation, production stoppage…)
Full-line enclosure and placement of perimeter photoelectric barriers in the feeding zone and category SIL3 barriers in the work area of ​​the press.
Modernization Fagor 160Ton press with photoelectric barriers and control panel with CE standards.
Complete retrofitting of Arisa 100Ton press and regulation compliance with photoelectric barriers and electrical cabinet  with CE regulations.
Closing of two feeding lines with Arisa presses, placing physical barriers and accesses through standard doors and sliding doors
Electric cabinet according to CE regulations, with SIL3 safety PLC. All the relevant information concentrated in a touch HMI and simple controls for an intuitive operation.
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